Lunar eclipse

29 Sep Lunar eclipse

What a beautiful sight to see the moon in the shadow of the earth, glowing an amazing red in the dark night sky above my studio in the Oxfordshire countryside. I watched it slowly disappear  from a glorious bright full moon to that shadowy red  glow and back to full brightness over a period of about an hour. I had no plans to photograph it but such an amazing sight, I was inspired to grab my camera with my longest 300mm lens, set it up on a tripod in the black of the night, and my trusty Nikon was up to the challenge of focussing the dim and distant moon. I was amazed at how fast the moon moved through the viewfinder! It is an image that has been captured by thousands throughout the land, but very satisfying to have my own image of the supermoon on that special night in the shadow of the world. And that sums up the beauty of photography!

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