Waves for Hope group to row the Channel

12 May Waves for Hope group to row the Channel

I have recently done some publicity photographs for a group of 7 guys attempting to row the Channel in June in a Cornish Gig boat. This was their first training session in open water in the Solent off Portsmouth. I followed them in a support boat and encountered the problems of photographing from a small inflatable boat in rocky seas, trying to keep steady with my 300mm lens and to line them up in the viewfinder as the boat rode the waves! As I asked the boat driver to point us into the sun (but also pointing us into the wind), a wave ripped over our bows soaking me, and needed lightning reactions to keep my camera relatively dry – well done Nikon for making your cameras fairly indestructible!  My admiration goes out to photographers at sailing events. I was pleased with a set of shots taken into the sun, with the sun dancing on the waves and creating a semi-silhouette of the boat, while enough detail to capture the extreme effort and concentration that will be required to row for at least 14 hours in their quest to row the 50 plus miles from Nieuwport in Belgium, to Ramsgate in Kent. They are supporting a great cause in this challenge and good luck to them.  www.waves4hope.com

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